Official Information Act Responses

Hawke's Bay District Health Board publishes responses to Official Information Act (OIA) requests, and supports the open disclosure of information to assist the public’s understanding of how the DHB is delivering publicly-funded health care.

This includes the proactive publication of Official Information Act responses on our website. Requestor identities are removed (redacted under section 9(2)(a) of the OIA) from the published versions to protect the privacy of the requestor.

Official information responses of interest to the wider public and suitable for publication are available here.

2020 March

Hospital ward cooling initiatives

How much is being spent on measures to cool wards, what is the budget, ...

2020 February

Asbestos Management Plans

Please provide a copy of all Asbestos Management Plans prepared under Regulation 13 (2)...

Capital exepnditure

What was the DHB's capital expenditure over the last ten years, what was spent on infrastructure...  

Gender reassignment hormone therapy

How many people were referred to the DHB for gender reassignment ...

Smokefree policies

Requesting smokefree policies specific to mental health inpatient facilites, for the period 2000 - 2019.

Monitoring of hospital temperatures, patient and staff health and safety

Does the DHB monitor the temperature in the main hospital block, what are the readings and what is being done for the health and safety of patients and staff...

Security costs

How much of HBDHB's funding is spent per annum on security for the years 2010 - 2019

Hip and knee replacements 2010-2019

A breakdown of the number of hip and knee replacements funded by HBDHB for the past ten years broken down by year and facility in which the surgery was completed.

Population level nutrition programmes

An estimate of your DHB budget for population nutrition programmes (as per definition: the investments in population promotion of healthy eating...

Gender identity

Information regarding people seeking treatment for issues relating to gender identity and being transgender

House officer recruitment

The total number of PGY1 and medical doctors for the period 2014 - 2020...