Continence services

Continence services support people who are incontinent.

The service works with people to enable them to better manage incontinence, maintain their independence and quality of life, and to reduce health complications which can arise from incontinence.

Continence service nursing care is provided by a team of registered nurses who offer assessment, clinical treatment, support and education for patients and their families.

Care is provided in either a clinic setting (for people who are active) or at home. Your doctor or practice nurse will refer you to this service which is available to people who have been assessed, meet the entry criteria and are expected to require long term continence services (for six months or more). This includes people with a disability.

Products may be prescribed following an assessment and individual treatment plan. The amount of product provided will be based on individual needs and the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board Continence Service Guidelines. 

The continence service operates 8:30am–4pm, Tuesday-Friday with clinics by appointment.