Maternity care in Hawke's Bay

Hawke's Bay DHB provides a range of maternity services for women and their families across three birth centres - Waioha, Ata Rangi and Wairoa plus from our Napier located Maternity Resource Centre working in partnership with our LMC midwifery, doctors and obstetrician colleagues to provide maternity care for you.

Our focus is to deliver safe and effective maternity and obstetric services in partnership with women, their families/whānau and primary maternity and well child providers.

Our facilities have been internationally accredited as Baby Friendly Hospitals and supports a whānau centred approach to bringing new pēpē into the world.

Waioha Primary Birthing Centre

Waioha is a dedicated, purpose built safe place for women expecting to have a normal low risk birth. Waioha is located alongside Ata Rangi, the hospital's specialist maternity facility, so there is easy access to specialist care and support if needed.

Location is at Hawke's Bay Hospital through Gates 3 and 4 off Canning Road. Phone 06 878 8109 ext 6045.

Ata Rangi Maternity Unit

Ata Rangi is our hospital based specialist care facility. Women needing specialist support will have their labour and birth care at Ata Rangi. Some women will stay in Ata Rangi during their pregnancy if there are concerns for their and babies health.

If you live in Wairoa and have your baby in Ata Rangi, you will be discharged back to Wairoa maternity ward for your postnatal care once you are able to travel.

Location is at Hawke's Bay Hospital through Gates 3 and 4 off Canning Road. Phone 06 878 8109 ext 6045

Te Kākano – Antenatal Clinic

398 Omahu Road Phone 878 8109 extn 8200

This is where you come, if during your pregnancy your midwife advises you that you need to see an obstetric doctor. The clinics run Monday–Friday from 8:30am to 1pm. If you are unable to make your appointment please ring 878 8109 extn 8200 and our receptionist will assist with rearranging your appointment. The doctor will discuss with you any concerns and make a plan of care with you and your LMC (midwife).

Day Assessment Unit – Ata Rangi Maternity

Canning Road Phone 878 8109 extn 6030

This service is run by DHB midwives and provides continuity of care for those of you with pregnancies that have problems such as: a small baby, blood pressure is high, low iron etc.

How do I get in?

When you are in labour please park in the designated car parks off Canning Road Gate 3 at Labour and Birthing suite entrance.


Visiting hours for partner/support person and whānau in Hastings

Partner/support person – all day.

Overnight stay is available in Ata Rangi and Waioha.

Visitors and whānau visiting hours are 1pm-8pm Monday–Sunday.

It is important that you are aware of these visiting hours as our facility supports rest time for new mums and their babies, and no visiting is allowed out of these times. We ask that you support us in helping your family member/friend to get some much needed sleep and rest during the day as they are often up during the night. Thank you for your understanding.

Napier Maternity Resource Centre

Wairoa Maternity