Ready to Rent

Upskill and increase your knowledge when you are looking to rent a house.

Learn more about the following areas:

  • Tenant’s rights and responsibilities
  • Managing money and debts
  • Maintaining a warm, dry and healthy home
  • Housing products through WINZ
  • Landlord and tenant interviews and presentation.

Watch these news clips on the Ready to Rent programme, to find out more.

Ready2Rent video.

'Ready to Rent’ is a Hawke’s Bay District Health Board-led initiative which is supported by the Hawke’s Bay Property Investor’s Association, Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga, WINZ, budget advice services and others.

This local initiative is aimed at up-skilling potential tenants struggling to find a rental property and providing them with a ‘support letter’ they can use when applying for tenancies in the future.

Take a look at the short video and learn why Ready to Rent is already making a huge difference here in the Bay. The New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF) has praised the initiative, saying that combined with compulsory insulation, the Ready to Rent program was a cost-effective solution that would see the living standards of renters improve considerably.  

“The New Zealand Property Investors' Federation fully supports the Hawke's Bay District Health Board's Ready to Rent Program,” it stated in a press release.  “A study of local landlords showed that 85% would use this scheme to find the best candidate for their property."

“The NZPIF would like to see the Ready to Rent program introduced throughout the country as soon as possible,” the release said.