Find a pharmacy near you

If you're feeling unwell or need health advice, your local pharmacist might be able to help faster and more affordably than waiting for an appointment with your GP.

They can provide confidential, expert advice and treatment for a wide range of common illnesses and complaints without you having to wait for an appointment.

Please note that during the COVID-19 lockdown pharmacies will be taking measures to protect their staff and the community. Entering a pharmacy and the services you will receive may look different. No member of the public will be able to directly enter the pharmacy without answering some questions from the pharmacy team.

Please phone your pharmacy before arriving, for both urgent and non-urgent needs. Your pharmacist will be able to discuss your needs or arrange an appointment for you to visit.

Some pharmacies in Hawke's Bay are reducing or altering their hours during the lockdown. 

Prescriptions will need to be faxed or emailed to the pharmacy instead of provided on paper.

Click here to see a list of Hawke's Bay pharmacies providing flu vaccinations - note these times and details are subject to change; please check with the pharmacy

Click here to see a list of pharmacies in Hawke's Bay and services they provide - please note some of these services may have changed due to COVID; check with the pharmacy

Click here to see just some of the services your local pharmacist can help with

Click here to see a list of pharmacies who provide Warfarin / Anticoagulation Management Services (CPAMS)