Health agreement signed to deliver holistic and integrated health care in Hawke’s Bay

Yesterday, (19 December) Hawke’s Bay District Health Board Chair Kevin Atkinson and Chair of Health Hawke’s Bay (PHO) Bayden Barber signed a new agreement Te Pītau Health Alliance which signals a more holistic and integrated approach to health care in Hawke’s Bay.

Mr Barber, who will also chair Te Pītau, said the signing of the alliance marks the passage of two years of negotiation between the district health board and Health Hawke’s Bay.

“I’m excited about the opportunity Te Pītau affords our community.  Yes, there are some major challenges, but this is an opportunity to understand these better, look at what is currently being delivered in primary care and reshape it so that it better meets the health needs of our population.

“Te Pītau is the front figure on the bow of a waka, breaking through rough seas, and this agreement reflects this and the hard work gone before it to bring this agreement to the table for signing today.”

Mr Atkinson said the signing marked the beginning of new work that would see greater health resources redirected into community and primary care.

“The hard mahi begins now – the how. I’m sure the community will be looking for that as this agreement takes shape and becomes a part of our future planning as we implement the Clinical Services Plan. This agreement is all about working better together with our community to help them improve their health and wellbeing.”

The Boards of both Health Hawke’s Bay and the district health board will be receiving regular updates as the alliance progresses with examples of work happening to provide more holistic and integrated health care approaches.
Read the Te Pitau Health Alliance here.

Pictured above: Kevin Atkinson and Bayden Barber signing the alliance.


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