Fracture liaison service

The goal of the Fracture Liaison Service is to prevent a second fracture in those that have already experienced an initial or “signal” fracture. The service runs under the guidelines set by Osteoporosis NZ, with clinical supervision by specialists in Rheumatology, Endocrinology and the Geriatrician team.

The Fracture Liaison Service offers bone health and lifestyle advice to help prevent further fractures. Bone density scans and bone strengthening medications are recommended if needed.

Who might benefit?

Anyone over the age of 50, living in Hawke's Bay, who has had a low trauma accident, such as a simple trip or fall, that has caused a bone (excluding the skull, hands or feet) to break.

How can they be referred?

Referrals can be made through hospital specialists, GPs and their registered nurses, or health professionals. People coming through fracture clinics should be automatically picked up by the Fracture Liaison Service.