Heart Beat Hawke's Bay

Get smart about your heart - enrol in the Heart Beat Programme today

This is a six week programme, which is designed to support your recovery and increase awareness of heart disease. Each week we have an exercise session and discuss topics such as:

  • What causes heart disease?
  • Medications and you
  • Eating for heart health
  • How a heart event can affect you
  • Questions and Answers

"I found all the sessions helpful. It should be compulsory to attend the programme as you learn so much"  

"Thanks for everything it was a great help"  

"There is definitely benefit in meeting other people who have the same sort of health issues and I have felt the support from the professionals has helped in getting my head around events and the condition itself"  

"Thank you very much for being available to bridge the gap between hospital and normal activity. I have recovered much quicker this time around than when left to my own devices"  

"A very worthwhile course"  

"I found the discussion group very informative and appreciated the information. I would recommend the group to everyone"  

"I cannot thank you enough for running this programme, it brought me back to life and gave me confidence that I do have a future beyond my heart event. Thank you. Great feeling knowing support is out there""