Have your say on alcohol in your community

You can have your say on the number of alcohol outlets in your community.

What is an alcohol licence?

To sell alcohol, a premise must have a license. There are four types of licences:

  • On licence – restaurants, bars
  • Off licence – supermarkets, bottle shops
  • Club licence – sports clubs
  • Special licence – weddings, events

When a premise applies for a licence, they must advertise by placing an advert at the location (in the shop window for example) and in the local newspaper.

You can find these advertisements in the classifieds section, usually at the back of the paper.

Objecting to an alcohol licence

If you are concerned about a new or existing licenced premises in your neighbourhood (such as a bar or bottle shop), you can make a formal objection.

Here are some helpful guides available to support you.

Our Population Health team is also keen to hear your concerns, please get in touch and we can help with the process.

Contact us on 06 834 1815 or by emailing liquorlicensing@hbdhb.govt.nz.

Other ways you can have your say

Encourage your council or community to host ‘alcohol free’ events or create local alcohol free areas. This can be through council submissions on bylaws, community plans or specific locations such as redevelopment of parks.

A Local Alcohol Policy sets out further rules around the sale of alcohol. In Hawke’s Bay the councils are in the process of implementing Local Alcohol Policies.  Your community can have input into the development or review of these.

Learn more about Local Alcohol Policies