Early Childhood Education

This page contains resources and local contact information that you can view and use. It is targeted at people working with children aged under 5 in Hawke's Bay. 

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Active Play Guidelines

Physical Activity - Updated

Sit Less, Move More, Sleep Well

These Guidelines provide population health advice to support health practitioners, early childhood educators, regional sports trusts and others who provide advice to parents, caregivers and whānau or families on physical activity for children under five years of age.

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Guide to Allergies

Skin, Allergies, Healthy Eating, Child Safety - Updated

The Ministry of Education Guide to Allergies for schools and early childhood services.
It includes:

  • information to increase understanding of allergies and anaphylaxis
  • four key strategies for schools and early childhood services
  • key resources.

Health Protection Team

Opening a Centre, Outbreaks, Health Protection - Updated

Click here to find out more about Health Protection Officers and the work that they do.

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Infectious Diseases : Information & Exclusion List

Gastro, Public Health Nurse, Infectious Diseases, Outbreaks, Skin, Opening a Centre - Updated

At-a-glance information on a number of diseases. Shows how each disease is spread, early symptoms, time between exposure and sickness, and for how long children and adults should be excluded from early childhood centres, school, or work. 

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Gastroenteritis Information Sheet

Gastro, Outbreaks, Infectious Diseases - Updated

Gastroenteritis or tummy bug or gastro - is an infection and inflammation of the intestines or gut.

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Illness Case Log Template

Gastro, Infectious Diseases, Outbreaks - Updated

Template for a centre to record and report case numbers during an outbreak.

Health Education Resources

Resources Centre - Napier Health Centre

Opening a Centre, Ordering Resources - Updated

Health education resources are available from the ground floor of Napier Health, 76 Wellesley Road, Napier.

We have information on a wide range of health topics. We have free pamphlets, booklets, posters, DVDs and education kits available.   

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Vision and Hearing Screening Information for Early Childhood Educators

B4 School Check, Vision & Hearing, Well Child Tamariki Ora, Public Health Nurse - Updated

Four-year-old children are screened for hearing problems and some vision problems. This routine screening is part of the B4 School Check.

Most vision and hearing screening is conducted by Vision Hearing Technicians (VHTs) who are employed by District Health Boards. They are trained specifically for this role and conduct screening in schools, early childhood education centres and other community settings such as Plunket rooms or doctors’ clinics.

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Well Child Tamariki Ora providers

Well Child Tamariki Ora - Updated

Well Child Tamariki Ora providers monitor the wellbeing of your baby/child until they reach five years of age. 

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B4 School Check - Information from the Ministry of Health for Early Learning Services

B4 School Check, Public Health Nurse, Vision & Hearing, Well Child Tamariki Ora - Updated

The free B4 School Check is an opportunity for early childhood educators and health professionals to work together to support the health, development and wellbeing of young children by identifying and following up on any health or development issues before the child starts school.


Safekids Aotearoa

Child Safety, Physical Activity, Opening a Centre - Updated

 Safekids Aotearoa provides valuable information, services and advice on unintentional childhood injury prevention.

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Skin, Infectious Diseases - Updated

Information on scabies

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Insect bites

Skin, Child Safety - Updated

Information on Insect bites

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Skin, Infectious Diseases - Updated

A common skin infection caused by bacteria.

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Skin, Allergies - Updated

Information on Eczema

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Skin - Updated

Information on Boils.