Mental wellbeing

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Flourishing Schools

Classroom ideas, Whole School Approach, Foundations - Updated

Children and young people spend a large proportion of their time in school. There are few other settings where large numbers of children and young people can be reached during their formative years of cognitive, emotional and social development. Promoting mental, emotional and social wellbeing early in life provides a strong platform for the future.


Flourishing - Photovoice

Classroom ideas, Whole School Approach - Updated

Photovoice is an effective way of engaging children and young people to share concerns, ideas and issues about school that are important to them.  It also provides an opportunity to bring students and teachers together to share viewpoints and find out more about each other.

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Five Ways to Wellbeing

Classroom ideas, Whole School Approach - Updated

Information and resources on this essesntial approach to maintaining mental wellbeing.

feeding minds2

Feeding Minds

Whole School Approach, Foundations - Updated

We are what we eat.  This report shows the impact of food on mental health


Faces Game

Classroom ideas, Whole School Approach - Updated

Emotional literacy (the ability to name and recognise different emotions) is critical to thinking about our feelings and managing our reactions.  It can also help us to better understand - and be there for - others.

This game builds emotional literacy by encouraging tamariki to think about, name and share different emotions.  Away from this game, we can encourage students to share their emotions when telling stories and expressing themselves, and by noticing and recognising the emotions we see in stories and everyday life.


Energy Rollercoaster

Classroom ideas, Whole School Approach - Updated

Some tamariki seem to have a lot of energy.  They like to jump, run, climb - sitting still is a challenge!  Meanwhile others seem to have a lower energy output and gravitate towards calm activities.

This activity helps students to think about their energy in  an objective way and learn strategies for adjusting it to suit different situations.  It's a great intro to our other energy activities.


E-Therapy Tools

Classroom ideas, Support Agencies, On Line Support - Updated

This is a collection of on-line tools that you might like to share with your students.

Many thanks to Health Hawke's Bay who have compiled the resource.

min Health7

Drugs & Alcohol

Support Agencies, On Line Support - Updated

Alcohol and other drug abuse is really common.  Find out about the services available for help with an alcohol or drug problem.  This web page at the Ministry of Health is a portal to a range of resources.



Support Agencies - Updated

Hawke's Bay's youth ONE STOP SHOP for health & social support.


Coping with Urges to self-injure

Self Harm - Updated


In this guide, we share a number of helpful coping strategies that have been found to be useful by others struggling with self-injury. Often, recovery comes down to trying to cope moment-to-moment with the urges to self-injure, the day-to-day struggles with difficult emotions, as well as improving overall well-being in our lives. None of this is easy.


Coping with Grief and Loss information pamphlet

Classroom ideas, Urgent, Support Agencies - Updated

If people in your school community are coping with grief and loss, there is useful information here.

You can download to your computer or order copies.


Compliments Poster

Classroom ideas, Whole School Approach - Updated

A kind word is free, easy to give, and everybody has something to offer.

Research shows that kindness and giving evokes gratitude, makes us happier, strengthens our connections with others and is contagious!

This activity gives kids a self-esteem boost while reminding them of how great it feels to be kind and to compliment others.


Classroom professional practices

Classroom ideas, Whole School Approach - Updated


If you want to make a difference in the lives of the children in front of you look for differences you can make to your professional practice.

Some of these ideas are suited to working with one child, some will apply to the whole class and some are concerned with your teaching space or your professional approach.


Bullying Free NZ

Classroom ideas, Support Agencies, Whole School Approach - Updated

The Bullying-Free NZ website is designed to act as a central hub for New Zealand schools. It provides guidance, resources and tools to schools to review, plan, and implement evidence-informed bullying prevention approaches.

its not ok

Are you OK?

Support Agencies, On Line Support, Foundations - Updated

It's not OK is a community-driven behaviour change campaign to reduce family violence in New Zealand. Its goal is to change attitudes and behaviour that tolerate any kind of family violence.