Kia Ora Programme

Self managing your long term condition

The Kia Ora programme is a FREE course that gives you the tools to manage your long term condition. It will give you information and knowledge and teach you how to manage your symptoms for a better quality of life.

What is a long term condition:
A long term condition has a significant impact on people's lives, such as asthma, cancer, weight problems, diabetes, COPD, respiratory, cardiovascular disease, mental illness, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, kidney disease - anything that stops you from living a well, healthy and active life.

Discover for yourself:

  • Action planning
  • Health tips for eating well
  • Medication usage
  • Managing pain and fatigue
  • Better breating techniques
  • Introduction to physical activity
  • Dealing with difficult emotions
  • Making informed treatment decisions
  • Working better with your Doctor and Nurse
  • How to use your mind to manage symptoms

Meet Beau

Before being diagnosed, Beau was busy working in mining overseas. His condition stopped him in his tracks but the Kia Ora Programme showed him ways to deal with his long term condition (LTC).

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Meet Teala and Vineta

Both Teala and Vineta were participants on the Kia Ora Programme. After completing the course they wanted to take the tools they learnt (healthy eating, action plans or setting goals, and communicating with health professionals) and teach their Tuvaluan community.

Watch Teala and Venita's story
Meet Keith

Keith joined the Kia Ora Programme to learn how to overcome some of the obstacles in his life. He went from a participant on the course to being a facilitator and helping others to improve their health. Watch Keith’s journey of how he made positive steps to improve his future.

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Meet Martin

Martin was diagnosed with diabetes some years ago and had learnt a lot of information about diabetes. However, it wasn’t until he was referred by his doctor to the Kia Ora Programme that Martin understood the importance of support especially from family members.

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The Kia Ora Programme is open to all people and all ethnicities. Sign up today to learn how to successfully manage your health.