Central Hawke's Bay Health Centre

Central Hawke’s Bay Health Centre provides a myriad of services to its local community.

The health centre offers six inpatient beds, afterhours care, inpatient and outpatient physiotherapy and occupational therapy clinics, as well as a district nursing service.

An integrated approach with CHB District Nurses, Cranford Hospice, GPs and Allied Health means CHB can also provide holistic care for patients and their families requiring it, which is hugely important for patients wanting to stay closer to home.

Visiting information

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Supporting transition of care

Where possible, locals who are admitted to Hawke’s Bay Fallen Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital for treatment may, at a later date, be transferred back to a ward at Central Hawke’s Bay Health Centre closer to home.

Every case is different, and a decision would be determined by the overseeing clinical team, dependent on the patient’s condition and the type of care required.