Healthy Homes

We spend 70% of our time in our homes. It is important to our health that homes are warm, dry and free of mould.  

Here are some simple ways you can create a healthy home:

  • Open the curtains in your home everyday
  • Stop cold air coming in around windows and doors with draught proofing
  • Open your windows for 20 minutes a day to let fresh air in and damp air out
  • Open kitchen and bathroom windows, especially during and after cooking, showering and bathing
  • Wipe water off windows to help reduce water in your home
  • Dry your washing outside instead of hanging it inside or using a clothes dryer
  • Keep your home warm with safe heating options and insulation
  • Keep space between sleeping children or, if they are sharing a bed, have them top-and-tail.

Click on the image below to watch a short video on the key tips to keep your home warm and dry.

Child Healthy Housing Programme

If you are living with children who get sick often and your home is damp, cold, and/or difficult to keep warm, you may be eligible for the Child Healthy Housing Programme.

Contact the Child Healthy Housing Team on: 06 879 9440 or 

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Here are some stories of how the Child Healthy Housing Team works with other 

community groups to help build brighter, healthier futures for our community:

 TabbeyTabbey had to leave her whānau home when she was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disorder and the mould in her house threatened her life. The Child Healthy Housing team, Wharariki Trust and Te Puni Kōkiri came together to remove the mould, replace walls and install a new bathroom. “It’s such an amazing programme. It’s changed our lives.”

Watch Tabbey’s story here.
Read Tabbey’s story here.

Wendy’s house was a danger – the roof leaked, the bathroom floor was rotting, the carpet was damaged beyond repair; and a tangle of electrical cords ran from the single power point. It needed repairs and a new roof to stop the leaking and black mould. Wendy is overwhelmed by the difference, feeling like she is “walking into a new home.”

Watch Wendy’s story here.
Read Wendy’s story here

Curtain bank

Hawke's Bay District Health Board is a referring agency for the Red Cross curtain bank programme. The curtain bank supplies curtains to individuals or families who require them to create a healthier living environment. The Hawke's Bay curtain bank has supplied over 14,000 curtains to over 1310 homes in the region. 

Curtain bank referral form


If you have mould growing in your property, you need be aware of possible health implications. It is recommended that any mould is cleaned away as soon as it appears. Click here to learn more about how to identify it, clean it up and prevent it from growing.

If you would like to speak to someone for more information or advice on mould removal please contact a Health Protection Officer from the Health Protection Team on 06 834 1815.

If you are suffering from health effects that you believe are associated from mould growth, you should see your GP.