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Zumba Kids

Healthy school environment, Junior Primary, Senior Primary, Video, animation, Activity - Updated

Fun dance routines to get children active and engaged in exercise


What its like to be colour blind

Adolescent, Senior Primary, Video, animation - Updated

What do people with color blindness actually see? Is it black and white or a smaller range of color? We talked to a few individuals and found out in their own words how the disorder affects their lives and how they look at the world.


What happens after drinking Coca Cola?

Healthy eating, Drinks, Adolescent, Senior Primary, Worksheets - Updated

Student task sheet exploring the effect on your body in the one hour after drinking a can of Coca Cola.

wellbeing at school

Wellbeing @ School

Healthy school environment, Websites - Updated

The Wellbeing@School website is designed to support schools to engage with the whole school community in a process of self-review.

The website provides access to practical evidence-based tools, resources, and services

weight training

Weight Training Workout Routines for Kids

Adolescent, Junior Primary, Senior Primary, Healthy weight, Activity - Updated

WAVE weblink

WAVE website

Healthy school environment, Nutrition , Healthy eating - Updated

WAVE is a framework for intersectoral work aimed at creating and supporting healthier environments for children and young people in South Canterbury. They support, coordinate and enhance health promotion activities within education settings, ranging from Early Childhood through to Tertiary providers. WAVE builds on the strengths of the Health Promoting Schools framework and incorporates the "Whole of Setting" approach.

Water only schools weblink

Water Only Schools website

Healthy school environment, Healthy eating, Drinks - Updated

This toolkit has been designed to provide schools with information and resources to enable you to successfully adopt and implement a water-only policy.

water only

Water Only Schools Toolkit

Healthy school environment, Healthy eating, Drinks, Junior Primary, Healthy weight - Updated

All you need to make progress on the journey to becoming "Water Only"  Bronze.  Silver.  Gold


Walking school bus coordinators' guide

Healthy school environment, Curriculum Development, Activity - Updated

The walking school bus is a great and interactive way to get kids active without putting any pressure on them.

This is a guide for parents/caregivers and teachers to advise them on practical ways to set up a walking school bus.

vegetables2 - Education and Resources

Nutrition , Healthy eating, Adolescent, Junior Primary, Senior Primary, Websites - Updated

This section of our web site focuses on useful information for teachers, educators and health professionals.

The Food Curriculum Project – has tools and resources for year 8 food teachers has produced many resources over the years that are all free (except for our Vegetables – a user's guide). 

We have many resources that can be downloaded, ordered, banners to request and teaching material on offer. 



Healthy eating, Curriculum Development, Nutrition , Healthy school environment, Adolescent, Junior Primary, Senior Primary, Video, animation, Websites - Updated

vegetables A - Z



Education Resources


Fresh NZ Vegetables


Vegetable cookbook

Vegetable Cookbook

Recipes, Healthy eating, Nutrition , Adolescent, Senior Primary - Updated

We all know vegetables are good for us, and our Vegetables Cookbook inspires with tasty vegetable recipes for everyone to enjoy. From the National Heart Foundation



Type 2 Diabetes

Adolescent, Curriculum Development, Senior Primary, Healthy weight - Updated

Diabetes NZ  provides information, resources and support for those with diabetes - Type 1 and Type 2.

Good learning here.


Type 1 Diabetes.

Healthy eating, Adolescent, Curriculum Development, Senior Primary, Healthy weight, Websites - Updated

Diabetes NZ  provides information, resources and support for those with diabetes - Type 1 and Type 2.

Good learning here.