Early Childhood Education

This page contains resources and local contact information that you can view and use. It is targeted at people working with children aged under 5 in Hawke's Bay. 

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Hawkes Bay Child Health Team

Skin, Immunisation, B4 School Check, Public Health Nurse, Vision & Hearing, Healthy Homes, Healthy Teeth, Healthy Eating, Child Safety, Gastro, Respiratory, Well Child Tamariki Ora, Allergies, Opening a Centre, Hawke's Bay Child Interagency Network Group, Breast Feeding, Physical Activity, Infectious Diseases, Outbreaks, Head Lice - Updated

Click here to learn about the work of our Child Health Team - Public Health Nurses, Vision Hearing Technicians, Ear Nurse Specialists, B4SC Coorinator and Child Healthy Housing Programme.

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Early learning programmes and resources

Healthy Eating, Physical Activity - Updated

Click here to find out more about and/or download the early learning programmes and resources from the Heart Foundation.

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Reducing food-related choking in young children

Healthy Eating, Child Safety - Updated

Children can choke on food at any age, but the risk is higher in children under 5 years. 

These guidelines from the Heart Foundation help you identify high risk foods that can cause choking and ways to make foods safer for children under 5 years.

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Nga Kupu Oranga Healthy Messages

Healthy Eating, Child Safety, Opening a Centre, Infectious Diseases - Updated

A health and safety resource for early childhood services.

National Immunisation Schedule


Immunisation, Infectious Diseases - Updated

Immunisation is one of the most effective ways of helping people stay well and free from many diseases. It is recommended by the World Health Organization, the New Zealand Ministry of Health and medical authorities.

We see less vaccine preventable diseases in New Zealand due to the effectiveness of the National Immunisation Programme.

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Food-borne Illness

Gastro, Infectious Diseases, Health Protection, Healthy Eating - Updated

Foodborne illness (often referred to as food poisoning) is the name for illness caused by eating or drinking contaminated food or drink. The Health Protection Team is responsible for investigating food borne illnesses and food poisoning complaints. 

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Wellchild Tamariki Ora Program 2019

Immunisation, Well Child Tamariki Ora, B4 School Check, Breast Feeding - Updated

The Well Child Tamariki Ora programme is a package of free health services available for all New Zealand children from birth to right before they start school.

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Taonga Mokopuna Video Learning Services

Gastro, Child Safety, Opening a Centre, Infectious Diseases, Outbreaks, Health Protection - Updated

Fanataistic videos from the Healthy Communities Team at Regional Public Health  ‘Taonga Mokopuna video learning series’ designed to reduce the spread of illness and keep centre environments healthy.

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Sport Hawke's Bay

Physical Activity - Updated

Sport Hawke's Bay has an ambition to get more people more active more often.  Click here to see how Sport HB can support your children.

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Keeping our Tamariki healthy (in Te Reo Maori)

Skin, Healthy Eating, Healthy Teeth, Child Safety, Healthy Homes, Infectious Diseases, Head Lice - Updated

Resource for childhood skin infections, prevention and treatment in Te Reo Maori. Also includes information on dental care, headlice and healthy homes.

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Head Lice

Public Health Nurse, Head Lice - Updated

Click here to download an information sheet about headlice.


Communicable Diseases and Outbreaks

Immunisation, Gastro, Infectious Diseases, Outbreaks, Health Protection, Public Health Nurse - Updated

There is information here on communicable diseases, what diseases are notifiable, disease outbreaks and how to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.


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B4 School Check - what is it?

Well Child Tamariki Ora, B4 School Check, Public Health Nurse - Updated

The B4 School Check is a nationwide programme offering a free health and development check for 4-year-olds.