Get that second vaccine dose to ensure you’re fully protected against COVID-19

A number of Hawke’s Bay people are due their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and are reminded to get it done now to be fully protected from the virus.

Dr Peter Culham, Medical Advisor to Hawke’s Bay DHB’s Vaccination Programme says people who had their first dose more than three weeks ago are due for their second dose.

“It takes two weeks for the vaccination to become fully effective, so it is important these people get out and get their second dose to boost their protection now.

“This is more important given our region is on heightened alert of COVID-19,” said Dr Culham.

“Getting your COVID-19 vaccine is like grabbing your parachute before you jump out of an aeroplane. If you’ve had two doses you’ve got a stronger parachute with a back-up attached.

“One dose is approximately 60 percent effective at preventing COVID-19, the second dose boosts this to 88 percent effective for the Delta variant,” he said.

As of today, 88 percent of Hawke’s Bay’s eligible population has had their first COVID-19 vaccine and 78 percent have had their second.

“Our region is tracking well but we’re expecting the fully vaccinated percentage to really jump ahead over the coming days given this large group are due their final dose,” he said.

“Significant work is also being done in harder to reach populations with mobile vans being launched recently and a van in Wairoa today to kick off its next vaccination drive.” 

Anyone aged 12 and over can have the free vaccine. People who are vaccinated are less likely to get sick with the virus, less likely to pass it on and are much less likely to get seriously ill or require hospital care.

There are more than 30 clinics across Hawke’s Bay this week. Go to for a vaccine clinic near you.

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