Give the gift of life - become a kidney donor

It’s hard to ask … kidney donation is one of the most generous gifts that can be given. When you donate a kidney, you are giving the recipient back their vitality, as well as freeing them up from dialysis treatment.

There are over 600 people waiting for kidneys in New Zealand on the deceased donor list, and only a portion of these people will receive a kidney each year. Many people with kidney failure find it hard to ask those around them for help.

One of the best ways you can help if you are healthy is to consider giving one of your kidneys to someone who might need it. This is called ‘living kidney donation’.

If you know of someone who needs a kidney (a directed kidney donation), then we can arrange all of the workup to see if you are able to donate to them. Living kidney donation is not limited to family members. Friends and spouses can also be donors if they are a good match.

Alternatively, if you don’t know someone with kidney failure, but wish to give a kidney (a non-directed kidney donation), we can arrange this by matching your blood and tissue type to someone who will benefit from your kidney donation.

Hawkes Bay DHB will arrange all the health checks needed to ensure your health will not be compromised by donating a kidney. All donor workups are confidential, and not everyone who comes forward as a donor will be able to give.