Health cadetship

If you or someone you know is on a main Work and Income benefit and interested in a health career, then our health cadetship could be your golden ticket.

Jointly run with Ministry of Social Development, we launched the health cadetship in February 2021 to support MSD clients on a Work and Income benefit to find and secure work at Te Whatu Ora (previously known as the DHB).

It’s a paid, eight-week, 30-hour-per-week programme. MSD funds cadets’ wages, which are paid at the Public Service Association rates for the respective role.

It is one of the most successful MSD programmes with more than 80 percent of participants employed at Te Whatu Ora six months later. Others are still employed elsewhere.


Benefits of the health cadetship

  1. Go at your own pace with wraparound support: You’ll be buddied with an experienced staff member, plus you’ll have regular catch-ups with your Programme Peer Support person for the first few weeks.
  2. Meet other cadets and build confidence through group training: You’ll take part in a three-day orientation. You’ll also have weekly training sessions with education training provider Aspire2, group training on a specialist topic related to working effectively within the hospital, plus training in our systems etc. if applicable.
  3. Gain skills and improve your CV from work experience: You’ll develop highly desirable skills at a large, well-known organisation with almost 4,000 employees working across 500 roles.
  4. Financial stability from access to ongoing jobs: Keep in touch with us after the cadetship and we will do our best to offer you a casual employment agreement if we have suitable work available, plus we will encourage and assist you in applying for permanent Te Whatu Ora jobs.
  5. Satisfaction from meaningful work: Help us work towards a healthier Te Matau a Māui Hawke’s Bay.

How it works

Three cadetships are run a year, with about 15 cadets per round.

MSD identifies suitable candidates for roles such as administration, healthcare assistant, oral health, security, orderlies and others. Successful applicants are invited to an open day where they participate in interviews.

Applicants do not need experience, but  do have to commit to 30 hours per week, for eight weeks. Upon completion of the programme, cadets are encouraged to apply for a permanent role at Te Whatu Ora.

Apply for the health cadetship

Only people on a main Work and Income can apply. To apply or find out more please contact: Andrew Siaosi at or Tricia Williams at

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