Pulmonary Long-Term Management Programme

Pulmonary Long-Term Management Service is made up of:

  • pulmonary rehabilitation - the treatment of choice for COPD - consisting of exercise and patient education
  • provided in Wairoa, Central Hawke's Bay, Hastings and Napier
  • funded and supervised by Hawke's Bay District Health Board
  • available for free to anyone with a diagnosis COPD regardless of severity
  • referral is from a healthcare professional.

What does the programme involve?

  • A comprehensive and individual one to one assessment prior to beginning the programme.
  • Categorising patients into low-severity; medium-severity; or, high-severity groups.
  • One hour of patient education and one hour of supervised exercises per week for 8-10 weeks, depending on location reassessment at the end of the programme.

How to refer

  1. GPs and registered nurses can refer through MedTech32 software. Go to Outbox, then click on "new" (the first button on the left), then type "community nursing" into the search field.
  2. Fax the referral form to 06 878 1310