Clinical Services Plan - Transforming our Health Services

Earlier in 2018 Hawke’s Bay people were encouraged to have their say on a regional health proposal that sets out a range of options about how and where they might receive health care services in the future, called the Clinical Services Plan (CSP). The CSP is a 10 year concept plan based on 12 months of free and frank discussions with people who live and breathe health care in Hawke’s Bay - from health professionals, support groups and regular users. The plan has a strong emphasis on stamping out health inequities, changing the focus of hospital services and delivering more community-based care, closer to home.

Hawke’s Bay District Health Board (HBDHB) has now collated and released feedback on the draft CSP - click the image below to read:


You can now read the final version of the plan, as influenced by feedback and engagement with the community: