International Nurses Day: A career that takes you places

Clinical Nurse Specialist Eileen Hall always knew she wanted to be a nurse – a profession that has allowed her to relocate from the UK to New Zealand with ease.

Paediatric and intensive care nursing is where she began her career “many moons ago” but community nursing is where she truly found her niche.

Eileen heads up a small specialist team who work in the community with people who have chronic lung disease; this includes Pulmonary Rehabilitation which focuses on exercise, education and self-management techniques.

“I am very lucky to be part of a highly skilled team who provide a great support service in our community, it’s truly a rewarding area to work,” she said.

“It has also allowed me the opportunity to put my hand up to work on the frontline with COVID patients.”

Eileen says while her family were initially worried about her frontline COVID work, she had no concerns.

“I view every new situation as an opportunity to help others and COVID is no different.

“We do what we can do to help and be there for people – that’s what nursing is all about.”

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