Junior doctors’ strike

Members of the New Zealand Resident Doctors Association (RDA) will take strike action from 7am Tuesday 15 January until 7am Thursday 17 January.

What you need to know:

  • The strike period is for 48 hours from 7am Tuesday 15 January to 7am Thursday 17 January.
  • The DHB has contingency plans in place to ensure essential and emergency services will not be affected if the strike goes ahead.  Anyone who needs treatment during the strike will have it and people should not delay seeking medical advice if they think the matter is urgent.
  • Please leave the Emergency Department for emergencies only. If it’s NOT an emergency, contact your family doctor in the first instance, visit a walk-in medical centre (details on the image below), or call Heathline for free advice from a registered nurse 24/7 on 0800 611 116. 
  • There will be impacts on outpatient appointments and elective surgeries with some people postponed, rescheduled or put on stand-by. 
  • People directly affected by the strikes are being contacted by phone, which is then followed-up by a letter from the administration booking teams.
  • If you have a scheduled outpatient appointment or elective surgery during this period and are unsure whether you are affected, please call us on (06) 878 8109.

It’s important in advance of the strike to:

  • Make sure prescriptions are filled
  • People with chronic conditions who feel unwell, please see your GP before the strike to help prevent a hospital admission.

We apologise for any inconvenience or delays. Our first concern is to make sure patients are safe and well cared for.