HB Hospital: Information for families | whanāu

Members of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation are planning to take strike action from 7:00am Thursday 12 July to &:090 am Friday 13 July.

Services at Hawke's Bay Hospital will be significantly reduced on Thursday 12 July.

IMPACT: Patient and staff safety is our utmost priority, this means:

Service impacts Services closed

Emergency and essential services will be available.

Only emergency district nursing services will be provided.

Maternity services for women in labour, inpatient and birth services will be available.

Patients who are clinically assessed as safe to discharge will be, if not they will remain in hospital.

During strike action some essential care will be provided by volunteers who ahve the appropriate skills and training.

Hospital visiting hours are 2:00pm to 8:00pm

If it is not an emergency you must phone or visit your GP. If you come to hospital and your condition is not lifge threatening or an emergency you will be redirected to your GP. 

The majority of specialist outpatient clinics will be closed, as key staff focus on supporting essential services.

For more information

Hawke's Bay DHB patient enquiry free phone 0800 248 794 press 2

Healthline for free health advice  24/7 phone 0800 611 116



Patients who are receiving treatment or have appointments at Hawke’s Bay Hospital, Hastings will have been contacted directly if they are affected by the strike action. 

If uncertain about their appointment phone 0800 248 794 press 2.

Emergency Mental Health services phone 0800 112 334, support will be provided by Hastings-based services.