Facility updates and developments

Clinical Facility fitness for purpose assessment - Hawke’s Bay Hospital

Hawke’s Bay DHB was pleased to be a pilot site for the National Asset Management Programme and worked closely with the team who developed the report on the infrastructure state of hospitals for the Government.

We believe the report provides a fair and accurate assessment of Hawke’s Bay Hospital facilities.

The DHB has been aware of the issues around the mechanical and electrical infrastructure and has a rolling programme of work to resolve them. Progress is being made on the high voltage supply, with initial upgrades to high risk areas completed. The DHB has also replaced the main electrical switchboard for the Boiler House, which was highlighted in the report and is progressing with the AB Block and CH Block Switchboards.

Two large infrastructure projects surgical and radiology expansion projects have now had funding approved from Government . The surgical expansion project will be the first project to kick off in the next few months. This will expand Hawke’s Bay Hospital’s surgical facilities, including the addition of an eighth theatre. The radiology expansion will provide much needed room for more diagnostic equipment along with better working conditions for staff and greater privacy and space for patients. 

The district health board is committed to maintaining the general condition of its buildings and services, however, a number of the buildings are very old, such as the ward tower block, laboratory, Intensive Care and Emergency Department units, which will require sizeable investment to rectify. The district health board’s facilities team is working with the leadership team and Board along with the Ministry of Health to map out the timing and planned investment required for these sizeable infrastructure projects.

Despite the age and constraints of many of the facilities staff work hard to provide a safe and quality health service to the Hawke’s Bay community.

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