Early Childhood Education

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ASCIA website

Skin, Respiratory, Allergies - Updated

Comprehensive information and resoruces regarding allergies including translations of anaphylaxis information resources in Te Reo, Tongan and Samoan,

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Guide to Allergies

Skin, Allergies - Updated

June 2019

The Ministry of Education has launched a Guide to Allergies for schools and early childhood services.
It includes:

  • information to increase understanding of allergies and anaphylaxis
  • four key strategies for schools and early childhood services
  • key resources.
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ECE Hui 2018 Support Services Directory

Skin, Immunisation, Healthy Teeth, Healthy Eating, Child Safety, Smokefree, Respiratory, Well Child Tamariki Ora, B4 School Check, Public Health Nurse, Vision & Hearing, Child Interagency Network Group, Healthy Homes, Breast Feeding, Physical Activity - Updated

Resource for the November 2018 ECE Hauora Hui co-ordinated by HBDHB and MoE detailing services, supports and contacts for the under 5's sector.

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Child Health Team

Public Health Nurse - Updated

The Child Health Team works in the community  to promote wellbeing.

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Public Health Nurses

Public Health Nurse - Updated

Public Health Nurses delivers services in schools and ECE.

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Healthy Kids

Healthy Eating - Updated

Healthy Kids is full of fun, free and low-cost ideas, recipes and resources on active movement, healthy eating and sleep tips


Disease Information

Common childhood illnesses - Updated

There is information here on a wide range of communicable diseases.



Immunisation - Updated

You can click here for information and advice on all matters relating to childhood immunisations.

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Immunisation Schedule

Immunisation - Updated

This details the immunisations each child should have at every age.


Measles information handout

Common childhood illnesses - Updated

Measles is a hghly infectious disease that affects both children and adults.

For more information on the 2019 outbreak click here