Over 65s - Keeping you independent

If you are wanting to improve your strength and balance check out classes near you here:

There is also some useful information on the live stronger for longer website http://www.livestronger.org.nz/

Five question to assess your strength and balance

  1. Can you do 12+ sit to stands in 30 secs? That is standing from a seated position in a kitchen chair.
  2. Can you maintain a heel to toe stance for 10 seconds? - Known as a "tandem stand."
  3. Do you exercise for less than 30 minutes/day most days? For example: brisk walking.
  4. Are you a regular smoker?
  5. Have you fallen or slipped more than once in the last 12 months?

The first two relate to strength and balance and the last three are risk factors for osteoporosis that may make you more likely to suffer a fracture.

If you answer "NO" to the first three and "YES” to the last two, you should consider taking healthy steps to improve your health, or discuss your concerns with your GP.

Key statistics

  • People over 65 have a one in three chance of falling, and between 10 percent and 20 percent of these falls result in a hip fracture.
  • For people ages 80 and over, the risk of falling increases to one in two.
  • Falls are the most common and costly cause of injury in older people.
  • Falls cause around 40 percent of ACC claims for people aged between 65 and 69, and around 60 percent of claims for those aged over 85.
  • Severity of fall-related injury increases with age - an 80 year old has 15 times the risk of a hip fracture compared with a 65 year old.
  • A hip fracture for someone aged 80 or over is associated with a 33 percent chance of entering residential care, and 20 percent chance of dying within 12 months.