Ū Tonu campaign

Welcome to the Ū Tonu campaign page!

Ū Tonu is a Hawke’s Bay’s specific COVID-19 vaccination multimedia campaign aimed to raise awareness and encourage COVID-19 vaccination uptake across our region.

Here you can download components from the campaign and create your own promotional material to let people know your business, group, team, school or organisation’s is vaccinated and united against COVID-19.

What does Ū Tonu mean?

"Ū tonu" means to keep going/keep striving and to keep moving forward which is what our Hawke’s Bay community needs to do. When we are all vaccinated we can begin to get back to doing the things we love and life will start to feel more normal again.

How you can support the campaign!

We want all sorts of people and groups to use this material and unite against COVID-19 by showing local groups and faces that people will recognise and relate to.

Click here to view and download Ū Tonu campaign assets

(via Dropbox)

How to use the components of the campaign:

One of the best and easiest ways to help get the message out is by posting a photo of your team alongside one of the lockup graphics below on your social media pages.

You can also use the hashtags below to extend the reach of the campaign too.




You can also use any of these graphics to create other promotional material for print and digital.

Need help creating something?

Email us at comms@hbdhb.govt.nz and we can help you.